Hi! You can call me Hang /hʌŋ/. 

Bio & Info
I am a second-year Human-Computer Interaction (M.S.) and Integrated Visual Arts (MFA) student at Iowa State University, advised by Kimberly Zarecor and Johnny Diblasi.
My research exists at the intersection of art, design, social science, and computer science. Presently, I am focusing on the realms of environmental psychology, augmented reality, and virtual reality.
On this website, you'll discover extensive details about my previous digital artworks as an interdisciplinary designer and artist. My approach revolves around human-centered design, enabling me to craft digital art, products, and services that are both intuitive and accessible.
Each of my artworks carries its unique storytelling. My intention is not to construct a singular cohesive narrative but rather to inspire viewers to connect with their own additional stories, be it from their lived experiences or vivid imaginations.
You are invited to explore my work and meditate on the stories behind them. If you want to discuss this further or grab a coffee with me, please don't hesitate to contact me

Coding: Python, C#, Unity3D, Unreal Engine  
Data Analytics: Python Data Visualization, Tableau, R
Art: Drawing, Painting, Photography, Cinematography
Design: Interface design, Graphic Design, Theatre Design, 3D Modeling, 3D Printing
Hardware: CAD, Prototyping
User Research: Interviews, Survey Methodology, Qualitative, Quantitative
User Experience: Focus Group, Human Factors 

Dr. Kimberly Zarecor, zarecor@iastate.edu
Prof. Johnny Diblasi, jdiblasi@iastate.edu
Prof. Jasmine Koon, skoon@stanford.edu
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