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The Asian Liver Center at Stanford University is the first non-profit organization in the United States that addresses the disproportionately high rates of chronic hepatitis B infection and liver cancer in Asians and Asian Americans. 
Founded in 1996, the center addresses the gaps in the fight against hepatitis B through a four-pronged approach of collaboration, advocacy, research, and education & outreach (CARE). 
The ultimate goal of the Center is to eliminate the transmission and stigma of hepatitis B, and reduce deaths from liver cancer and liver disease caused by chronic hepatitis B.
Hep B Moms is dedicated to protecting mothers and newborns from hepatitis B. This program offers resources for pregnant women, health care providers, perinatal hepatitis B prevention coordinators, and public health officials.
Since May 2023, I have worked as a Graduate Administrative Assistant at Iowa State University Graduate College. Driven by a strong passion for promoting inclusivity and accessibility in the digital realm, my primary responsibility revolves around designing and bolstering the university's digital accessibility. 

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